is a division of Citiboyz/X99Media, an
award-winning gay production studio and content producer since 1998. We have been offering quality plug-in feeds since 2003.

multi-device plug-in


A plug-in feed is a streaming video service available to Webmasters, not available to the general public except through a subscribing site's Members Area. HotGayFeeds offers plug-in feeds in six popular niches: American Boy Next Door, Self-Made Cam Shows, Euro Boys & Studs, Big Dick, Vintage Pre-Condom and California Surfer/Skater.


  • Adds value to your Members Area, boosting retention.
  • Helps Convert Surfers to Members.
  • Reduces cost of content. A typical feed can offer a substantial amount of video content for less than you would pay for one exclusive scene.
  • Adds to your frequency and number of updates.
  • Each feed updates 3x/month (HBC 6x), a potential 21 extra updates/month for your Members Area.
  • Does not affect your bandwidth, nor do you need to install any scripts.
  • Easy to activate.
  • No long-term contract.
  • Members want more video... the more the better... as a Webmaster you know this. Your Members will love our quality feeds and you'll be happy if they're happy. Please take some time to look over the niches we offer and contact us today for a free trial!