HotGayFeeds does not charge according to the traditional "price per gigabyte" model.
This has allowed us to attract the many known & respected partner studios you see in our lineup. We may not be like all the other feeds providers... we want to be the one you like the best!

On a budget, or need lots of feeds? Let us offer a customized rate plan!

Light Bandwidth

  • $149-$199/mo. per feed.

Medium Bandwidth

  • $200-$299/mo. per feed.

Heavy Bandwidth

  • $300-$399/mo. per feed.


Reduced rates when you subscribe to
two or more feeds.

  • 2 Feeds: 10% Off each feed.
  • 3 Feeds: 15% Off each feed.
  • 4 Feeds: 20% Off each feed.
  • 5 Feeds: 25% Off each feed.
  • 6 Feeds: 30% Off each feed.

For your convenience, we accept these forms of payment: Credit Card, PayPal and E-Check.